Education, Health and Care Plans

This section outlines information on the processes of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and EHC Needs Assessments.

Six adults and three children all sat down around a table.
EHCP: Introduction, Assessment and Process
Four adults and one child sat down having a conversation.
EHCP: Reviews
A teacher lecturing a class of children / young people.
EHCP: Phase Transfer
Two adults and a child sat together on a sofa, opposite a professional sat on a chair.
EHCP: Appeals and Mediation
A photo being taken of an adult and a child who is sat in a wheelchair, in front of a school. Another child is stood holding a book in the background.
EHCP: Finding a School
An adult teaching a child in class.
EHCP: Elective Home Education
A person in a wheelchair in front of a set of stairs, a door and an assisted ramp.
EHCP: Funding and Personal Budget
A vehicle with disabled access at the rear. An adult stood behind a young person who is in a wheelchair, on the vehicle lift.
EHCP: Moving Into and Out of East Sussex