Education, Health and Care Plans

This section outlines information on the processes of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and EHC Needs Assessments.

Teenager taking part in online learning
EHCP: Introduction, Assessment and Process
A parent and a child sat on one side of a desk, with a health professional sat on the other, writing up plans.
EHCP: Reviews
Teacher lecturing a class of students
EHCP: Phase Transfer
Four children and an adult in art class.
EHCP: Appeals and Mediation
Visually impaired child walking in front of a school
EHCP: Finding a School
Two people talking on a sofa.
EHCP: Elective Home Education
A person in a wheelchair in front of a set of stairs, a door and a assisted ramp.
EHCP: Funding and Personal Budget
A vehicle with disabled access at the rear. An adult stood behind a young person who is in a wheelchair, on the vehicle lift.
EHCP: Moving Into and Out of East Sussex