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EHCP: Reviews

Group Meeting

Annual Review Process

Your child’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan will be reviewed every year. The annual review looks at:

You and your child should be involved in all stages of their annual review, including the annual review meeting.

Annual reviews should take place within one year of the plan being first issued or last reviewed. However, a review can be called sooner if needed.

Annual reviews generally take place during the school year and are held at the educational setting.

If your child is receiving education at home, the meeting can be held in the home or at an alternative venue. Your APO (Assessment and Planning Officer) will coordinate and conduct the review.

Before the Review Meeting

The school will invite you to the review. You can bring a friend, relative, or independent parental supporter to the meeting if you would like to. Wherever possible your child should also be actively involved in the review process and they should be encouraged to attend all or part of the meeting.

Other professionals involved in your child’s education should also be invited.

The school will gather up-to-date information from all professionals involved with your child.

All up-to-date information will be sent to you and all the professionals involved in the review at least two weeks before the review meeting.

You and your child will also need to provide your views before the meeting. The school can help you with this if needed.

When providing your and your child’s views, you should consider:

Amaze SENDIASS can help you prepare for your review meeting.

At the Review Meeting

The school SENCO will chair the review meeting.

You will be able to ask any questions you may have and request any amendments you think the plan needs. This includes requesting a change of school.

Support Plans, Provision Map & Setting Based Support Plans

After the Review Meeting

The school will write up the annual review report, including any proposed amendments or recommendations for the EHC plan.

The school will send the annual review paperwork to us (the Local Authority) within 2 weeks of the meeting.

We will decide whether to update the plan, keep it as it is, or cease the plan.

We will tell you our decision within 2 weeks of receiving the paperwork from the school. You should, therefore, know our decision no later than 4 weeks after the review.

If we are updating the plan, we will prepare a Proposed Amended EHC plan and send it to you for comment.

You will have 15 calendar days to send us your comments on the Proposed Amended EHC plan. You will also be asked for your school preference, although you do not need to name a different school from your child’s current school.

You can also ask for a meeting with us during the 15 days. You can also ask for an Education Personal Budget.

We will consider your comments carefully and will send you an Amended Final EHC plan. We will do this within 8 weeks of sending you the Proposed Amended EHC plan.

If you don’t agree with us, you can consider Appeals and Mediation.

Help and Support

Your allocated APO will be happy to answer any questions you have about the annual review. Some of our APOs work part-time and may not be available immediately if you telephone or e-mail them. However, if you leave a message, they will always respond to your contact as soon as they are able. You will find their direct telephone number on any of the letters you will have been sent. You can also contact the Assessment & Planning office on:

The Special Educational Needs and Disability, Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) at Amaze can also offer support. It is a parent-led independent advice and support service for parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-25, and young people themselves. This service is free and can be contacted on: 

Alternatively, you can visit their website for more information:

Glossary of East Sussex Send Terms

Some of the terms used on this website are explained on our page, 'Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms':

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