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EHCP: Funding and Personal Budget

Group of parents with their children all having a meeting

Funding in Mainstream Schools

The following funding is available for mainstream schools to support children and young people with SEND:

Funding in Special Schools

The following funding is available for special schools:

Funding Post-16

The Local Authority allocates High Needs Funding to post 16 providers if any students who have an EHC plan will require a high level of support to access provision. To view the ‘Funding of students 16-25 with SEND’ guide on the Preparing for Adulthood website, please click the link below:

Education Personal Budget

Parents of children under 16, and young people aged 16 to 25, can ask for an education personal budget once the Local Authority has confirmed that it will prepare a draft Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, or during a statutory review of an existing EHC Plan.

Personal budgets can give you more choice. For example, you can ask for some of the education in the EHC plan to be provided by someone other than the school.

We may agree a personal budget if:

If you are interested in a personal budget, speak to your Assessment and Planning Officer (APO).

Follow the links below to see the Personal Budget Guidance document and the Personal Budget Policy document. 

Personal Budgets Guidance (June 2020)

Download: pdf (552KB)(opens in new tab)

Personal Budgets Policy (June 2020)

Download: pdf (228KB)(opens in new tab)

Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms

Some of the terms used on this website are explained on our page, 'Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms':

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