College and Adult Life (16+)

Information, advice and guidance for young people aged 16 and over with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and their families.

Young people talking, putting their hands up and working.
College, Courses and Education
On the left of the image, two people are learning how to cook, and on the right are two young people learning about hairdressing.
Supported Employment, Apprenticeships and Internships
Two adults and two children stood outside a house. One child has two walking sticks and the other child is holding a green book.
Housing, Income and Benefits
Three children and an adult sat on the floor meditating.
Personal Health and Wellbeing
Two children playing frisbee on some grass, with a dog running between them. Buildings and mountains are in the background. One child is in a wheelchair.
Youth Groups and Activities
One person stood with a walking stick and a guide dog, two people stood together in the middle of the picture and another person sat in a wheelchair on the right, using a laptop.
Transition Into Adulthood