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School Transport and SEND

A vehicle with disabled access at the rear. An adult stood behind a young person who is in a wheelchair, on the vehicle lift.

School and College Transport

East Sussex County Council provide free transport to school, for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in East Sussex who:

This is regardless of their SEND. 

We will consider the needs and circumstances of children who do not meet these criteria and have an Education, Health and Care (EHCP). We will provide travel assistance for these children where necessary. We will consider their ability to walk to school (with an adult if needed) and other health and safety concerns related to their SEND.

We will only provide assistance when the child is attending the nearest suitable school to their home. This is the nearest maintained school to the child’s home that can meet the child’s needs. The EHCP may name the parents’ or carers’ choice of school. If the child’s needs could be met at a nearer school, the County Council may not provide assistance.

You can find out more on the main East Sussex County Council website:

You can also visit our directory listing for SEND Specialist School Transport on 1Space.

Bus Travel

Anyone aged 5 and over with a qualifying disability can apply for a disabled person's bus pass. This pass allows for free off-peak travel on local buses. The main East Sussex County Council site provides more information. This includes the meaning of a qualifying disability, and how to apply:

There are further discounts available to children and young people who use buses. A child or young person does not need to have SEND to access the discounts below:

Train Travel

There are train discounts and railcards available to those with disabilities, and for their companion. The main East Sussex County Council site provides more information:

Southeast Communities Rail Partnership offer a ‘Try a Train’ experience. This provides an opportunity for those who lack confidence travelling by train. It allows them to visit their train stations and to experience a train journey.

They are for people who have any form of disability or access needs who wish to build their confidence when travelling. The trips are also available to those who may encounter other barriers to travelling. For example, senior citizens, non-English speakers, low income families.

Additional Help and Support


Amaze SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service) are a local charity. They offer free, independent, and impartial advice for all matters relating to SEND. Contact Amaze SENDIASS by:

Visit the Amaze SENDIASS web page.

East Sussex Local Offer directory of services

You can visit our SEND-specific online directory, hosted on East Sussex 1Space. The directory lists many different services both throughout the county and online. Services cover many topics, including:

Visit the East Sussex Local Offer directory.

NHS - Health A to Z

The East Sussex Local Offer aims to provide as much information as possible. There may be some conditions that aren't covered in thorough detail. The NHS website has pages that list all conditions. These pages provide information and advice on how to get extra support:

Visit the NHS Health A to Z web page.

Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms

We explain some of the terms used on this website on our page, Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms.

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