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SEND and AP Change Programme

A person standing up and pointing to an image of the SEND and AP Change Programme to eight people who are sat down. The SEND and AP Change Programme image consists of two adults and two children close together.


This page shares information about the DfE SEND and AP Programme. It also explains how we are involved in East Sussex.

We will be sharing regular updates throughout the programme. We will let you know how you can get involved at various stages. This web page will reflect all updates.

Please note:

SEND and AP Programme Overview

The government published the SEND and AP Improvement Plan. This was following the outcome of the SEND review. The aim of the plan was to create a more inclusive society for children and young people with SEND, and those who use AP.

You can visit the Government website to find out more:

The Aim of the Programme

The aim of the programme is to:

How East Sussex is Involved

The DfE has created nine regional Change Programme Partners (CPPs). The CPPs will deliver the Change Programme over the next 18 to 24 months. We are part of the South East partnership. This means we are working closely with:

We have been asked to test some of the proposed reforms to the SEND system through the Change Programme.

The Proposed Reforms

We will select and trial the reforms which we believe will have the most impact on the lives of our children, young people, and families in East Sussex. The DfE expect us to test the following reforms:

Local SEND and AP Partnerships

How our strategic groups support and drive positive change in the SEND and AP system.

Local Area Inclusion Plans (LAIPs)

How our strategic plans support the journey to improving the experiences and outcomes of children and young people.

SEND and AP Dashboard

How we use data to judge improvements and suggest areas for development.

EHC Needs Assessments

Alternative Provision Service and Support Teams

To support children and young people back into school and positive destinations.

Early Language Support for Every Child (ELSEC)

This is only being tested by Portsmouth.

Has the Law Changed?

The existing law has not changed. Your rights remain the same throughout the Change Programme.

What This Means for Families

We want to fully involve children, young people and families in the Change Programme. We will be testing some different ways of working. We will work with you to gather your feedback and experiences. We will share these with the DfE.

How to Provide Feedback

It is important that we learn what is working and what isn’t. To help with this, you may be asked for your feedback. This will be collated independent of East Sussex County Council.

Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms

We explain some of the terms used on this website on our page, Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms.

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