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This website is only one part of the Local Offer; we also have a directory which you can visit at

Transition Into Adulthood

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This page aims to outline some useful information and resources for young people moving out of Children's Service, and into Adult Social Care. This process begins at the age of 16, and can be ongoing until the age of 25.

East Sussex Transition Service

The East Sussex Transition Service supports young people and their families to move from Children’s Services into Adult Services support.

As teenagers become young adults, the Transition Service can help to:

They can help people aged 16 to 25, who meet all the following criteria:

Apply for help

The Children's Disability Service (CDS) will refer most young people directly to the Transition Service. Please ask your support worker for more information on this.

If you are 16 or 17 and not getting support from Children’s Services but feel you meet the criteria above, please contact the Transitions Service on:

Transition Information, Advice and Guidance

The Transition Information Network is a source of information and good practice for disabled young people, families and professionals. They are a specialist network of the Council for Disabled Children. They were set up to provide targeted information and resources about transition. This is presented through online resources, publications and events.

If you would like to know more, please visit the Transition Information Network web page:

Adult Social Care and Health

Adult Social Care and Health is a department of East Sussex County Council. They work with people aged 18 or over who live in East Sussex.

As young people transition from Children's Services into Adult Social Care and Health, the help available and the way to access it may change. The main East Sussex County Council site provides lots of information on help available. This includes relevant contact details:

You can contact Adult Social Care and Health by:

East Sussex 1Space Directory

Someone using a laptop, which is displaying both the East Sussex Local Offer and East Sussex 1Space logos.

East Sussex 1Space is East Sussex County Council's online directory. It brings together groups and organisations that offer care, support and wellbeing services to people in East Sussex. It's free to use.

1Space was set up in 2012 by Adult Social Care & Health and expanded in 2021 to include the East Sussex Local Offer. 

You may already be familiar with 1Space through using the Local Offer. The directory also offers over 2000 services for adults in East Sussex.

Services include:

We recommend you visit the directory to find the right support for you:

Personal Assistants

Some young people may need a personal assistant (PA). This may help when transitioning into adulthood. PA's can assist with daily personal or business-related tasks. 

The East Sussex 1Space directory lists hundreds of personal assistants around the county. You can use the filters on the directory to find the most suitable PA for your needs. This includes PA's that specialise in helping people with learning disabilities, sensory impairments, or a physical disability:

Please note, each PA is likely to be a paid-for service. Please contact the individual PA to find out about costs.

Additional Help and Support


Amaze SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service) are a local charity. They offer free, independent, and impartial advice for all matters relating to SEND. This includes preparing for adulthood. Contact Amaze SENDIASS by:

Visit the Amaze SENDIASS web page.

Steps to Work

Steps to Work is a supported employment service within Adult Social Care and Health. It forms part of East Sussex County Council’s Learning Disability, directly provided services.

Youth Employability Service (YES)

YES is a free impartial service which offers education and careers support and guidance to young people in the East Sussex area. They work with young people aged 16-18 who are:

They can support up to 25 for young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

East Sussex County Council commission YES.

If you haven't already, we recommend you visit this sites web pages on:

Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms

We explain some of the terms used on this website on our page, Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms.

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