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Early Years Advice and Support

Five children playing games. Two children are playing with a beads maze, one child is swinging across a ball pit on hoops, one child is in the ball pit and one child is outside the play area with their arms in the air.

Early Help Service 0–19

The Early Help Service 0–19 can help support your family from pregnancy until your child is 19.

The service consists of East Sussex County Council and NHS professionals. They can offer a wide range of support at your home, from a Family Hub or a Youth Hub.

They can offer help and support through:

The Early Help Service 0-19 helps to identify and support early years Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Please note, accessing keywork support depends on your child's level of need. Please contact your Health Visiting team to find out more. The main NHS provides more information:

Health Visiting

The Health Visiting Team provide all families with five developmental reviews. This starts from pregnancy to when your child is 2 ½ years old, as well as extra support when needed. This is called the Healthy Child Programme. The health visiting team includes health visitors, staff nurses and community nursery nurses. 

They will talk with you about:

They can provide direct support to you. They can also access a wide range of services from the rest of the Early Help Team.

Health visitors are often the first professionals involved in the assessment and support of young children with SEND.

When your child has SEND, or a suspected developmental need, your health visitor can:

The NHS has web pages that provide more information on services covered in this section:

An adult using toys with two children. One child is sat on the floor and another is sat in a wheelchair. The toys include a rocket ship, a boat and a teddy bear.

Early Communication Support Workers (ECSW)

ECSWs can help with early speech, language and communication development. The ECSWs are not Speech and Language Therapists but they do have a special focus on speech and language.

The ECSWs run Toddler Talk sessions across East Sussex. Toddler Talk support families who have concerns about their child’s speech, language and communication.

The ECSWs help improve parents understanding of their child’s speech and language development. This includes:

You can contact an Early Communication Support Worker through your Health Visiting team:

Small Beginnings

Small Beginnings is a parent/carer and child stay, play and learn session. It's aimed at those concerned about the development of their pre-school child.

These sessions offer a chance to enjoy time with your child and to learn how to support their play, communication and interaction. There will be opportunities to meet other parents and to work alongside Early Years Professionals.

To attend Small Beginnings, you should talk to your Health Visitor. You can also speak to someone at your local Family Hub:

Crèches in Family Hubs

Early Years Practitioners provide crèches for children aged from 12 weeks to 5 years. These crèches aim to help parents and carers access appointments, groups and classes. The crèches are suitable for children with SEND. They also support the development of key skills such as language learning.

Contact your local Family Hub for more information:

1 to 1 Support and Intervention Groups

Early Years Providers (EYPs) can provide 1 to 1 support sessions with families. This can include supporting play with a child and making assessments of their development. This is helpful for children whose development is falling behind other children of a similar age. The 1 to 1 support is usually received when a professional such as a health visitor, makes a referral.

The EYPs will also run small intervention groups. These groups are for families to attend with other families to learn and play together.

To access 1 to 1 support from an EYP, talk to your Health Visitor or speak to someone at your local Family Hub:

Family Information Service (FIS)

Family Information Service (FIS) is part of East Sussex County Council.

FIS provides information and assistance on various topics, including childcare. FIS aims to help children and young people with SEND, and their families. FIS is a good first point of contact. 

You can contact FIS by:

Six children painting together. They have painted things such as clouds, trees, a rainbow, a bird, a butterfly, ladybirds, flowers and love hearts.

Additional Help and Support


Amaze SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service) are a local charity. They offer free, independent, and impartial advice for all matters relating to SEND. Contact Amaze SENDIASS by:

Visit the Amaze SENDIASS web page.

Online Parenting Courses - Family Hubs

The Family Hubs website offers online parenting courses for children and teenagers. Courses range in age, starting from when your child is 1:

East Sussex Local Offer directory of services

You can visit our SEND-specific online directory, hosted on East Sussex 1Space. The directory lists many different services both throughout the county and online. Services cover many topics, including:

Visit the East Sussex Local Offer directory.

NHS - Health A to Z

The East Sussex Local Offer aims to provide as much information as possible. There may be some conditions that aren't covered in thorough detail. The NHS website has pages that list all conditions. These pages provide information and advice on how to get extra support:

Visit the NHS Health A to Z web page.

Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms

We explain some of the terms used on this website on our page, Glossary of East Sussex SEND Terms.

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